MedicAir Elected Best Air Purification MedTech Company 2022

MedicAir Elected Best Air Purification MedTech Company 2022

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MedicAir Elected Best Air Purification MedTech Company 2022

MedicAir Elected Best Air Purification MedTech Company 2022


Breathe easy in your own home. A priority for every family

Excellent 4.7 stars trustpilot

The best air purifier for your home, as silent as a whisper

Don’t just take our word for it

Excellent 4.7 stars trustpilot-dark-2


MedicAir Pro Mini

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    Ordering the unit was simple and delivery within two days was just great. We have been delighted the performance of the unit which is almost silent!

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    We are delighted with our MedicAir Air Purifier. The communication has been exemplary and customer care, second to none. We would highly recommend MedicAir.

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    We bought a Medic Air purifier only recently, but we are absolutely pleased with its quality and performance, also with the excellent customer service. The purifier works efficiently, yet surprisingly very quietly.

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    I love the ReAKT feature which measures the purity of the air and automatically adjusts the airflow strength. It works brilliantly - when we are cooking in the kitchen or using hair spray it registers that there are particles in the air and adjusts the airflow to eliminate them quickly.

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This little unit can make a huge difference to your indoor air quality

  • Airflow at max. settings


    Market Leading

  • Weight


  • Speed levels


  • Lowest Sound Level


  • HEPA Filter


  • Oscillation


MedicAir filters out the bad stuff...


0.1-0.5 microns

This virus spreads in small liquid particles that are carried through the air when an infected person breathes, talks or sneezes.


Pet dander

5-10 microns

The microscopic flecks of dead skin and hair that an animal sheds is known as dander and can trigger allergic reactions in some people. 


Mould spores

2-100 microns

Moulds rapidly spread by producing large numbers of microscopic spores that float on air currents and which can cause respiratory irritation.


Dust particles

2.5-10 microns

Dust contains a number of tiny particles which can cause irritation and allergic reactions, such as pollen, smoke, bacteria, ash and dead skin.



1-3 microns

These single-cell organisms can survive on non-living surfaces and can quickly multiply, sometimes causing serious infection and disease.


Protecting you and your family

For all of us, our home is our safe space; but the air in it could be causing you and your family harm. Pollutants, allergens and viruses live in our homes, and with every breath we take, we inhale them.

By simply placing a MedicAir Pro Mini in your living spaces and bedrooms, your family will be breathing the cleanest air possible day and night.

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A HEPA filter air purifier for your home

Designed by doctors, all MedicAir air purifiers kill up to 99.99% of viruses and bacteria to keep you and your family safe. Placing a MedicAir air purifier in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens or home offices will offer the best form of protection against common allergies, the inhalation of household chemicals, pollutants and nasty odours.

Bundle-up for better value

Choose one of our product bundles for affordable, all-round protection


2 x Medicair Pro Mini’s

Mini Bedroom

Ideal for a multiple of bedrooms so no one is left out


Save 15% with this bundle
MedicAir air purifiers providing nighttime relief in the bedroom.

3 x Medicair Pro Mini’s

The Bedrooms

Ideal for a multiple of bedrooms so no one is left out


Save 15% with this bundle

5 x Medicair Pro Mini’s

The Home Bundle

Fresh air for the whole family


Save 15% with this bundle

4 x Medicair Pro Mini’s

Mini Family

Ideal for any house who wants to leave no room un purified


Save 15% with this bundle

6 x Medicair Pro Mini

The Office Bundle

Ideal for any sized offices


Save 15% with this bundle