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MedicAir® Technology Using medical grade air purification technology.

Air flow

MedicAir® uses a 360 degree air purification technique with air flow of up to 600m3 per hour.

ReAKT technology

The MedicAir® Reactive Air Kinetic Technology assesses the purity of surrounding air with just the push of a button, adjusting air flow accordingly with no further user input needed.

99.99% purity

MedicAir® has been tested in world leading and globally accredited labs to prove its ability to remove contaminants.

UK based

Our UK based product specialist and customer service teams will take care of your every need.

  • Highly effective 6.7m2 HEPA filter


    The initial HEPA H-13 filter, with its impressive size of 6.7m2, provides an exceptionally effective first stage of filtration. Its mesh fibre is capable of removing up to 99.95% of particulate matter above 0.3 microns.

    Highly effective 6.7m<sup>2</sup> HEPA filter
  • Odour-removing carbon filter


    The next stage of filtration is the activated carbon filter. This large adsorptive layer consists of a huge bed of activated carbon which makes it highly effective at removing odours from the air.

    Odour-removing carbon filter
  • Virus-killing 24W UVC bulb


    The third stage of filtration uses our virus killing 24W UVC bulb as a last line of defense. The UVC bulb is able to eliminate the smaller particles that have not yet been captured by the first two filters.

    Virus-killing 24W UVC bulb
  • High speed ReAKT motor


    The MedicAir® has a high-speed motor with multiple fan speed functionality. You can either opt to control the motor speed manually or you can choose the automatic 'ReAKT' setting. The latter uses our ReAKT technology to optimise the fan speed all on its own, adjusting it based on the air quality.

    High speed <strong>ReAKT</strong> motor
  • LED touch screen control


    The LED touch screen functionality allows you to turn on your MedicAir®, observe and change the fan speed, monitor your air quality with real time data and colour status as well as observe relative humidity and temperature. The screen also allows you to set timers, engage sleep mode and has a screen lock function, useful if you have children.

    LED touch screen control
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Designed to perfection

Combining innovative technology with outstanding design, we bring you an outstanding air purification system.

MedicAir is designed to fit seamlessly into any environment, enabling you to safely continue with your everyday activities and encouraging you to achieve your maximum potential.

Sit back and relax

The MedicAir® unit does it all, meaning you can sit back and relax. The digital display allows you to easily monitor and adjust your MedicAir® system at the touch of a button, showing you everything from air quality levels and speed, to humidity and temperature. The on-board laser sensors constantly monitor the quality of the air, detecting increases in air pollution and activating the unit accordingly.

We’ve got you covered

With its innovative design, UVC technology and 360° inlets, MedicAir® offers excellence in air purification for any environment. Reaching up to 99.99% sterilisation rate, our system destroys harmful viruses, bacteria and volatile organic compounds and disperses clean and safe air, quickly and quietly.

Control wherever you are

Our MedicAir® app allows you to control, program and check your MedicAir® remotely as well as alerting you when you need to change the filter. This provides reassurance that you are breathing only the highest quality air at all times.

The perfect roommate

The innovative Reactive Air Kinetic Technology dramatically reduces the noise levels of the MedicAir® to as low as just 28db, comparable to a whisper at two metres. Our MedicAir® units can therefore purify your air whilst you carry on with your everyday activities, completely undisrupted.


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(H) 800 x (w) 300 mm



360 Inlets:



600m3/hour (+/- 10%)*

UVC lamp:

1 x 24W


» Pre-filter: Non-woven fabric mesh
» HEPA H-13 filter efficiency
is 99.95% at ≥ 0.3 μm
» Activated Carbon Filter
» UV-C 24 W Bulb

Control panel:

Touchscreen + IR Remote

Fan Speeds:

4-speed + ReAKT technology functionality


IOS & Android for Audit

ReAKT Technology:


Motor Technology:

NiDec Japan



Product literature

Our MedicAir® air purification system has undergone rigorous testing. In addition, the MedicAir® team have conducted two extensive literature reviews assessing the need and efficiency of air purification technologies in medical practices.

100% refund guarantee

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The MedicAir® team are committed to exceeding your customer experience. We have built our values in transparency, quality and service.
As such, we offer a free 14 day refund guarantee following purchase to ensure you are 100% happy with your MedicAir®.

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