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Performance Protect your fitness facilities and help promote maximum performance at all times.

Pollutants and performance

Gyms and fitness centres are full of a wide range of harmful pollutants, including bacteria and viruses, allergens, ammonia from cleaning products as well as VOCs from body odour. Exercise increases your breathing rate, as well as how much air you take in, which means that these pollutants are more likely to enter your respiratory tract and cause illness. Not only does this put your health at risk but it also prevents you from training to the best of your ability and achieving your fitness goals.

Maximise your workout

By reducing the risks of indoor air pollution in your fitness facilities, MedicAir® allows you to focus on achieving your fitness goals and encourages your maximum performance at all times.

MedicAir® in your fitness centre

This graph illustrates the action of the MedicAir® unit on particles in the size range of 0.25 - 10 micrometers, such as the bacteria and viruses commonly found within gyms and fitness centres. As shown, the MedicAir® is able to purify the air from these harmful pollutants in under 30 minutes.

The MedicAir® state of the art carbon filter also works to remove unpleasant gases, such as hexanes found in sweat and body odour, as well as ammonia from cleaning products, all commonly found inside gyms and fitness centres.



MedicAir® uses medical grade purification technology to purify your air by up to 99.9% from viruses (including Covid-19 surrogates H1N1 and MS2), bacteria, allergens and other undesirable contaminants. MedicAir® has been independently tested by world accredited labs and is used in thousands of healthcare facilities globally.

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