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MedicAir® Designed for ultimate protection and reassurance in any space.

Fits in anywhere

The sophisticated design of our MedicAir® units allow them to fit seamlessly into almost any environment.” 

Whisper quiet

The innovative ReAKT technology dramatically reduces the noise levels of the MedicAir® to as low as just 28db, comparable to a whisper at two metres. This allows you to carry on with your everyday activities completely undisrupted.

Control wherever you are

Your MedicAir® can be controlled by the touch screen LCD display, remote control, or mobile app. Our app allows you to control and check your MedicAir® remotely to ensure optimum air quality at all times.

Air flow

MedicAir® uses a 360 degree air purification technique with a highest in market maximum air flow of over 600m3 per hour.

ReAKT technology

The MedicAir® Reactive Air Kinetic Technology assesses the purity of surrounding air with just the push of a button, adjusting air flow accordingly with no further user input needed.