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UK Company Providing Key COVID Protection in Education

Infection Control

MedicAir is Providing Key COVID Protection in Education

Bryant Medical, a UK company making air purification equipment, is leading the way in protecting our schools and universities with hundreds of their units being used in the education sector. 

Bryant Medical was founded by Dr. Connor Bryant, and has quickly risen to be a key player in medical technology and innovation. After a trip to South Korea, where the use of air purification devices is mandatory in dentists and hospitals. Dr. Bryant states “We could see that this technology was becoming more important to protect health care professionals and we wanted to develop our own unit to protect heal care staff here in the UK.” 

Shortly after the development of MedicAir, the COVID pandemic struck and MedicAir sales escalated. From a niche product as part of a portfolio of medical products, MedicAir became a widely used product in hospitals, dental practices and care homes. However, more recently, medical grade air purifiers have become more common in offices and other commercial settings. The government has been testing these technologies in schools, colleges and universities and MedicAir is now in hundreds of facilities, providing protection for staff and students alike. 

“We are incredibly proud to be providing MedicAir into the education sector”, explains Dr Bryant “the use of medical grade air purification within schools and universities provides protection from airborne disease but also reduces sick days and improves overall air quality”. As a UK company of medical professionals, we truly understand the risks of poor air quality and the benefits of improving the safety of the air we all breathe indoors. This is especially important as we bring classrooms and offices back up to full capacity.

One such educational institution is Loughborough College who are using MedicAir in its lecturing facilities. Colin Butler, the Vice Principal, has been especially impressed with the protection they provide. “MedicAir was able to provide us with a sophisticated piece of equipment encompassing trialed and tested air purification technology.  The independent laboratory testing gave us confidence that the air purifier could do what was claimed and the high Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of the unit meant that we required fewer of these devices than others that are available.”

MedicAir is available for offices, schools and homes from

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