MedicAir Elected Best Air Purification MedTech Company 2022

MedicAir Elected Best Air Purification MedTech Company 2022

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MedicAir Elected Best Air Purification MedTech Company 2022

MedicAir Elected Best Air Purification MedTech Company 2022

Top Reasons Why You Should Start the New Year With an Air Purifier - MedicAir
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Top Reasons Why You Should Start the New Year With an Air Purifier


If this new year, you pledge to embrace overall well-being for yourself and your family, you ought to start it with something that can help encourage good health for you all. And what’s more healthy than breathing fresh air every minute you are at your house?


Even you believe in this thought for sure! It is because your search led you to us at Medicare, where you get the best quality air purifiers. This year, we are encouraging people to be part of a better and healthy life starting in 2024. 


As it is never too late to adopt the right healthy discipline, this year should be a start to a new practice, and that will be breathing fresh and pollutant-free air. Most people might be wondering, is it effective to bring in an air purifier this new year? 


If you are one among them, this article has addressed some essential reasons that might convince you to buy the best air purifier at Medicare. 

How Can Poor Air Quality Be a Problem Inside Your House?

Before getting into the reasons why you must start your new year with an air purifier, let’s give you some idea of why it is essential to be careful about the air you breathe indoors as well. 


For your information, indoor spaces might be rich in nitrogen dioxide, benzene, and other such pollutants. These are all invisible pollutants that are very dangerous for human health upon intake. Beyond that, there are various bacteria and viruses that might also cause severe damage to the human respiratory system. 


Some visible pollutants include cooking fumes, mould stains, animal hair, and allergy-triggering powders. In the end, the vehicle exhausts or the fireplace & wood stove smoke also release CO (Carbon Monoxide), which is deadly for you to breathe in. 


Did it shock you to an extent? Well, it might have done the same for a lot of our readers today! But this is a fact! You must understand that air pollution also gets triggered indoors, mostly from your mistakes. Some things you can control, while some will continue to persist. 


In that case, why breathe in polluted air and live life at risk? Instead, you can get a Medicare air purifier, available in diverse variants, for all rooms, mansions, or homes.

What are the Reasons for You to Buy an Air Purifier for a Good Start to Your New Year?

Here are some of the reasons that might be convincing enough for you buy the best air purifiers for your home:

Breathing Fresh Air will Lead You to Sleep Better.

Without good sleep, you cannot ensure overall well-being for yourself and your family members. Beyond a perfect mattress, one more thing that might affect your good night’s sleep is poor air quality. 


As per a study, people who live in high air pollution areas were 60% more likely to experience poor sleep hygiene. If your surroundings are unhealthy and polluting the air, you must solve this problem, at least for your bedroom. 


Use the perfect air purifier for home, which will help clean the air you sleep and breathe in, ensuring your beauty sleep doesn’t get affected (a safe sleep and wake up feeling better). 

Fresh Air Eradicates the Health Risks

High pollution has contributed to most of these conditions in the past decade, from cancers to heart diseases. Therefore, it is crucial to at least protect yourself from the pollution adversities at your home. 


In 2024, this should be your priority, and MedicAir air purifiers are on a mission to make that possible for you! Get our best quality products embedded with sufficient airflow, HEPA filters, and varying speed settings. 


All of it can contribute towards reducing the level of pollutants in the air within the indoor space of your house. Thus, you will be safe from life-threatening diseases or health risks.

Kills Mould Spores

As you know, mould thrives in specific areas that are high in humidity levels and have stagnant air or poor ventilation facilities. These factors contribute to making the bedroom an ideal place for mould to grow.


The growth of mould might make people fall sick around space or experience allergic reactions. So, using an air purifier with a HEPA filter around your house or bedroom will prevent the airborne mould spores from growing and getting into the lungs, as a protective measure.


The HEPA filters used in our MedicAir air purifiers will effectively capture the mould spores and prevent them from polluting the air or spreading to other rooms. 

Reduces Dust and dander

Does your house produce alot of dust, or does your pet alot of dander or a bad odour one side benefit a great air purifier brings is a reduction of dust and dander. Not only does that reduce the need for cleaning it also clears the smell with the activated carbon in its filter. A better environment to breathe in and feel safe with a reduction in housework.


Due to the lack of ventilation in your homes and people getting to know about the existence of poor indoor air quality from different sources, the demand for air purifiers has increased stupendously. With reduced pollutants, dust, and dander in your house, you will be able to repel the poor health conditions and sleep deprivation effects poor air quality can bring. 


So, to give an excellent start to your 2024, explore our range of high-quality air purifiers at MedicAir, which offer you best-in-class features, ensuring laboratory and hospital-proven effectiveness and* affordability, all under one roof!

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